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Recap: Faaslahpal at Demo Day!

Updated: Aug 31, 2022

Demo Day was definitely the most exciting, rewarding, and EXHAUSTING day of the week.

The iVenture Demo Day is an annual event showcasing the work and progress of the iVenture Cohort. This year, Faaslahpal is lucky to join the 8th iVenture Cohort and present at the eighth annual Demo Day.

iVenture Accelerator Cohort 8 at MuchLaw

Demo Day was a packed schedule! We started the day off by waking up at 6 AM feeling super nervous and excited at the same time. We spent the night before practicing our pitch with the other members of the cohort until 1:30 AM. However, even without 7 full hours of sleep, our eyes were wide open. That morning was spent with Aasiyah glued to the ironing board, finishing up the scrunchie hijabs we were going to use for our booth. Our hotel room was a mess with fabric scraps spread throughout.

Demo Day Rundown

One of the most exciting parts of Demo Day that we were looking forward to was our outfits. We decided to fuse both our ethnic and American identities into our Demo Day outfits to match the vision of Faaslahpal. However, not only did we have to prepare our outfits, we had to prepare our booth for the networking event. While we were preparing our booth, Aasiyah ran to pick up our booth poster that we ordered the night before, and I was putting on my henna. We were working up until the guests started coming in.

Faaslahpal was the opening act for Demo Day. To fight off the excited nerves, I was doing jumping jacks, and Aasiyah was running the script in her head over and over again while we waited backstage. But once we started, it all flowed beautifully. We knew exactly what we were saying. After practicing so much, our confidence shined through. Thankfully, we had our members from the cohort sitting in the audience rooting for us as we presented, and we felt a lot more comfortable.

Not only did we have a great presentation, but every team following us did a fantastic job, leading to a very successful Demo Day. I think everyone in the cohort would agree that when the event was over, we were exhausted. Everyone was high on nerves for the entire day from talking to investors and connections for 3 hours. We are very thankful to the iVenture community for giving us such a rewarding opportunity.

Can you spot us? :)

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