Early Days of Faaslahpal: Idea Fair 2021

The Scrunchie Hijab was showcased in December 2021 at the Idea Fair sponsored by the Innovation Living-Learning Community and the Technology Entrepreneur Center. To our surprise, our project would later join UIUC's iVenture Accelerator and become something more substantial.

The Idea Fair hosted over twenty groups of student projects ranging from agriculture to technology backgrounds. These projects culminate in the Innovation LLC students' knowledge and hard work in the course TE 200. In the latter half of the semester, Aasiyah, Cathy, and two other students formed a creative group to create the Scrunchie Hijab. Under the course curriculum, we learned how to make a profit model, narrow our customer market, and find our competitors. During the week leading up to the Idea Fair, we worked furiously to prepare our pitch, prototype, and tri-fold presentation for the big day.

The Idea Fair took place on the Illinois Street Residence Hall's main level so both Idea Fair participants and student residents could enjoy the exhibition. The hall was bustling with students and judges. We were nervous but still excited to present our project. Time flew by as we pitched non-stop for almost an hour to the curious people who walked by our booth. By the end, the words we needed to say came to us quickly and rolled off our tongues smoothly.

After the pitching session, the judges required some time to decide. We were worn out from standing on our feet for so long, so we were grateful for the opportunity to rest our feet. After what seemed like forever, we were thrilled to discover that our group and seven others were awarded a $500 microgrant!

Looking back, we are immensely thankful for the fantastic opportunities that led us to where we are today, and we are enthusiastic about what the future holds for Faaslahpal.


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