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Faaslahpal is empowering modern Muslim women by bridging the space between Islam and Western culture.

A scarf for daily prayer can be easy to forget and a hassle to carry, but our scrunchie hijab expertly solves this issue with its convenience and ease-of-use. Our scrunchie hijabs, a scrunchie that turns into a hijab and back again into a scrunchie, will be sold in multiple colors through our online platform directly to our customers.

Our patentable product design has been created by our all-women team of expert fashion designers and engineers.



Faaslahpal designs functional and fashionable scrunchie hijabs that transform between a scrunchie and hijab to help Muslim women embrace their religious and Western identities


Our vision is to see a world where all Muslim women feel empowered to confidently be themselves through bridging their different identities.


Meet The Team

Faaslahpal - Cathy Boman

Cathy Boman


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Faaslahpal - Aasiyah Adnan

Aasiyah Adnan

Founder & CEO

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Faaslahpal - Khushalli Joshi

Khushalli Joshi


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